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433201 Thermocouple Thermometer Calibrator - Tech Instrumentation

433201 Thermocouple Thermometer Calibrator

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  • $369.00

Source and measure 8 thermocouple type devices J, K, T, E, C, R, S, and N

The Extech model 433201-NIST allows you to routinely verify the calibration of your thermocouple thermometers and probes.

This Thermometer Calibrator sources and measures 8 thermocouple types: J, K, T, E, C, R, S, and N. Displays output in terms of mV or-Degrees F/-Degrees C based on its built-in thermocouple tables. Five stored calibration values for quick calibrations. Oyster case with "flip-up" display is ideal for handheld or benchtop applications. Complete with 9V rechargeable battery, Type K Thermocouple cable, Copper calibration cable, and 115-Volt AC Adaptor/Charger.

Available with NIST Certification (Please see p/n 433201-NIST - please allow approximately one week to ship the certified version.