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Digital PH Meter, Sport Guardiance Water Quality PH Tester with ATC, 0.01PH High Accuracy, 1-14 PH Measurement Range for Household Drinking Water, Aquarium, Swimming Pools, Hydroponics (Orange)

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Brand: VantaKool

Color: orange


  • ✔Use Widely: Appropriate for wide range of applications. Suitable for water sources, schools & colleges, laboratories, hydroponics, aquariums, swimming Pools, spas and food processing etc.
  • ✔PH Measurement Range: Full pH 0-14 measurements. Ideal for household or laboratory use, household drinking water, aquarium, swimming pools, hydroponics, water quality, RO system, etc.
  • ✔Accurate and Fast: 0.01PH high accuracy, 0.05 accuracy. No need to work with color charts or messy test strips, this meter get the result fast and accurate.
  • ✔Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC ): Auto calibrated for changes in temperature automatically. Adjusts to water temperatures and water quality to give Ph readings almost instantly.
  • ✔Warranty: Honor 1-year Warranty. Make you satisfied with our product.

Publisher: VantaKool


Color: Orange

Digital PH Meter Water Tester

Simple and easy: Simple and easy to get accurate pH measurement.

Perfect device : Perfect device for your testing of the acidity or alkalinity of liquids. Very easy to use - just immerse the electrode to get accurate, fast readings.

How to Calibrate

Step 1: Turn open pH meter, Clean the electrode in distill water

Step 2: Immerse the electrode in pH 6.86 standard buffer solution

Step 3: Press the "CAL" button. Wait until the display digital is 6.86pH and steady.

Step 4: Clean the electrode in distill water and dry it, immerse the electrode in Ph 4.00 standard buffer solution.

Step 5: Press the "CAL" button. Wait until the display digital is 4.00pH. Then complete pH 4.00 calibration.

Step 6: Test calibration by inserting electrode into pH 9.18 buffer solution, gently swirl electrode until digital display stabilizes. Display should read between 9.16 and 9.20.


Measuring range: 0.00-14.00PH

Resolution: 0.01 pH

Accuracy: 0.01 pH

Batteries: 2X 1.5V LR44 (included)

Automatic temperature compensation: 0-50℃(32-122℉)

Dimensions: 15x2.5x1.3cm/6x1.1x0.5 inch

Net Weight: 52g/1.83 oz

Package Includes:

1 x PH Meter

1 x Carrying case

1 x User's manual


The glass bulb of the electrode is fragile. Treat it carefully. Don't touch it by hard tools and fingers, suck the water on it gently when cleaning.

Clean the electrode with distilled water every time before and after use.

Open the battery case or replace battery, then need to recalibrate the meter.

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EAN: 0606682168689

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