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Dr.meter 30V/5A DC Bench Power Supply Single-Output 110V/220V Switchable with Alligator Clip included, US 3-prong Cable,PS305DM

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Brand: Dr.meter


  • Adjustable outputs: 0-30V and 0-5A Variable controls for both current and voltage outputs
  • Automatic cooling fan, overload and short circuit protection
  • Can be operated as constant current or constant voltage source
  • Full one year warranty All metal construction, compact design
  • Alligator to Banana and AC Power Cable Included

Publisher: Dr.meter

Dr.meter PS-305DM
power supply is a kind of continuously adjustable linear DC voltage regulator power supply with high stability, high reliability and low noise. Its output voltage and current can be continuously adjusted. Also it can be both as constant voltage and constant current dc power supply. Its constant voltage and current can be auto-conversion. This low cost and universal power supply can be used in many different areas, from production lines to school use.

1. Single output, single phase
2.110V/220 ±10% input voltage, dual-input voltage.
3. Output constant current adjustable
4. Output constant voltage adjustable
5. 3LED voltage and current display
6. mA and A converted display which controlled by a button.
7. Constant voltage and current operation model. C.V and C.C convert automatically
8. Current limitation protection
9. Good quality, cost-effective

Suitable for the laboratory, electronic, communication equipments maintenance, products line, scientific research and teaching units


Model: PS-305DM
Input voltage: 220 V/110V±10% 50/60Hz (setting switch at the back)
Output voltage: 0-30V
Output current: 0-5A
mA: 0-990mA
Operating Temperature: 00C to 400C
Relative humidity: <80%
Storage Temperature:-100C to 700C
Relative humidity: <70%

Constant voltage state:
Voltage stability: <0.01%+3mV
Load stability :< 0.01%+5mV
Recovery time :< 100µS
Ripple & noise : <1.0mVrms
Temperature coefficient: < 300PPM/0C

Constant current state:
Current stability: < 0.2%+3mA
Load stability :< 0.2%+3mA
Ripple & noise :< 3mArms

EAN: 6958446312536

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