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TR-57DCi Optical and IR Connected Data Collector

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The TR-57DCi is a Data Collector designed to collect recorded data from data loggers (T&D Thermo Recorders and Voltage Recorders).
It can be used to gather and check recorded data on the spot without having to manually gather the data loggers. Recording settings such as " Recording Interval" and "Recording Start" can also be made directly from the TR-57DCi into the logger.
Compatible devices for use with the TR-57DCi include TR-5i Series (Infrared Communication Type), TR-5S/5 Series, RTR-500/5 Series, TR-7Ui/7U/7S Series, and VR-71 Data Loggers.

Communication Between TR-57DCi and Compatible Data Loggers
The communication method will depend upon the type of Data Logger.

Infrared Communication:
By placing the infrared port of TR-57DCi Data Collector and TR-7Ui Series, TR-5i Series Data Loggers face-to-face, it is possible to download recorded data via infrared communication.
* Infrared communication cannot be used to make recording settings or send the "Recording Start" command.
Communication & Collection examples
Optical Communication:
By using the optical communication interface of the TR-57DCi Data Collector, it is possible to collect recorded data from, make recording settings for, and start recording in TR-5i Series (Infrared Communication Type), TR-5S/5 Series, and RTR-5 Series Data Loggers.
Communication & Collection examples
Cable Communication:
By connecting the cables shown below to the serial communication cable jack on the Data Collector, it is possible to collect data from and make settings for TR-7Ui /7U/7S Series and VR-71 Data Loggers.

* There are some items for the VR-71 which cannot be set via cable communication, such as switching the unit for the unit's LCD display.
Communication & Collection examples
Connection between PC and TR-57DCi
The collected data can be easily downloaded from the TR-57DCi with a USB cable to a PC.
Communication & Collection examples
By using an optional RS-232C Serial Communication Cable (TR-07C), it is also possible to communicate with a PC via serial communication.
Communication & Collection examples
Compatible Devices Infrared Communication:
TR-51i/52i/55i, TR-71Ui/72Ui/74Ui/76Ui/77Ui

Cable Communication:
TR-71U/72U/73U/74Ui/76Ui/77Ui, TR-71S/72S, RTR-574, VR-71

Optical Communication:
TR-51i/52i/55i, TR-51S/52S, TR-51A/52, RTR-51(L)/51A(L)/52(L)/52A(L)/52Pt(L)/53(L)/53A(L)/501/502/503, RVR-52(L)/52A(L)
Storage Capacity Up to 256,000 readings
When downloading units at full logging capacity:
16 units of TR-51i
16 units of TR-71U
10 units of TR-73U, TR-76Ui
7 units of TR-74Ui
When downloading units at non-full logging capacity, it can store and manage up to 250 downloading sessions.
Functions Downloading Recorded Data, Viewing Saved Data in Graph Form, Recording Start Settings, Displaying Highest and Lowest Measurement
Power AAA Alkaline Battery (LR03) x 2
(AAA Ni-Cd batteries or AAA Ni-MH batteries (1.2V) may also be used.)
AC Adaptor (optional)
Battery Life(*1) About 100 days at 1 hour of daily use
Communication Interfaces
(with PC)
USB Communication
RS-232C Communication: 19,200 bps
Communication Interfaces
(with Data Logger)
RS-232C Communication: 9,600 to 19,200 bps
Optical Communication: 2,400 bps
Infrared Communication)
Communication Time ¥ Between PC and TR-57DCi Data Collector
USB Communication (16,000 readings x 1ch): about 12 sec.
USB Communication (8,000 readings x 4ch): about 24 sec.
RS-232C Communication (16,000 readings x 1ch): about 22 sec.
RS-232C Communication (8,000 readings x 4ch): about 42 sec.

¥ TR-5i Series Data Logger
Optical Communication (16,000 readings x 1ch): about 24 sec.
Infrared Communication (16,000 readings x 1ch): about 55 sec.

¥ TR-7Ui Series Data Logger
Infrared Communication (8,000 readings x 2ch): about 55 sec.
Infrared Communication (8,000 readings x 4ch): about 77 sec.

¥ TR-5S Series Data Logger
Optical Communication (16,000 readings x 1ch): about 24 sec.
Dimensions H125mm x W58mm x D23.8mm (excluding protrusions)
Weight About 110g (including 2 AAA batteries)
Operating Environment Temperature: 0 to 60 °C Humidity: 90%RH or less (no condensation)

*1) Battery life varies depending upon the type of battery, the measuring environment, the frequency of communication, and the ambient temperature in which it is used.

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