Agricultural Instruments and Their Uses

Agricultural Instruments and Their Uses

The agricultural industry requires a wide number of products, farming equipment and instrumentation in order to function properly. There are many things beyond agricultural machinery required for the agricultural field — from soil testing farm equipment to seed sowers for planting seeds, and hay bailers, there is a tool available to make every task on the farm a little easier.

Tech Instrumentation provides the measuring devices needed for measuring and logging humidity, temperature and related factors. Our products are used in a variety of applications such as agricultural research, greenhouses and storage facilities.

Agriculture Instruments — Testing and Logging Temperature and Humidity

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One of the most common instruments used in agriculture is the wireless temperature sensor, which is used to take measurements of soil temperature, air temperature and water temperature. These sensors are placed in the ground or hung from a plant, and they send data wirelessly to a base station that can be read on a computer or smartphone.

Another important farming tool is the data logger, which is also commonly used in museums, hatcheries and greenhouses as it records data from various sensors over time. This data can be used to track trends and patterns in weather and climate, as well as soil moisture levels. Data loggers are often used in combination with wireless temperature sensors to create a complete picture of conditions on the farm.

Other invaluable farming tools include:

  • Thermometers: Thermometers are used to measure temperature, both inside and outside of a greenhouse or other farm structure. By monitoring temperature, farmers can ensure that their plants are receiving the optimal amount of warmth or cooling.
  • Hygrometers: Hygrometers measure humidity levels. High humidity can lead to problems such as mold growth, so it is important for farmers to monitor humidity levels in order to prevent mold and other toxins.

As you can see, both large and small farms require equipment that goes beyond the garden tool, rotary tiller, combine harvester, modern tractors and irrigation sprinkler systems — devices for measuring and logging are crucial.

Similar Instruments Are Used In Greenhouses and Hatcheries

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While the instruments described above are commonly used in agriculture, similar devices are also used in greenhouses and hatcheries. Temperature and humidity data loggers are used to monitor conditions inside these buildings, as well as soil moisture levels in potted plants. Additionally, many greenhouses and hatcheries use weather stations to track external conditions that may affect the plants or animals inside, as well as infrared thermometers which are agriculture tools used for research every day.

Infrared monitors are commonly used in agricultural research to track the growth of plants. These devices measure the amount of infrared radiation emitted by an object, which is directly related to its temperature. By tracking the growth of plants with an infrared monitor, researchers can learn about the ideal conditions for plant growth, as well as how different stressors (such as drought or pests) affect plant development.


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Agricultural equipment goes beyond the modern farm tools, farming machinery, garden tools and other agricultural equipment that you typically think about when it comes to agriculture — agricultural implements for measuring and recording temperature, moisture and related factors are also crucial for mechanized farming on large scale farms.

Crop production, weed control and other farming activities require farming implements in the realm of measurement and data logging.

Agricultural tools like the above play a vital role in modern modern agriculture, greenhouses, hatcheries and similar industries. By monitoring conditions on the farm, these devices help farmers to optimize their growing conditions and produce healthy crops. Additionally, by tracking external conditions that may affect the farm, these instruments help farmers to be prepared for changing weather patterns or other unforeseen events.

Tech Instrumentation provides the agricultural instruments you need small to large farms, greenhouses or other agricultural businesses. Invest in quality agricultural instruments to improve your bottom line and the quality of your product.

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