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Bed Bug Thermal Remediation using Temperature Data Loggers

Bed Bug Thermal Remediation using Temperature Data Loggers

By David Young
Young Environmental Solutions, Indiana
Recently I was shopping for a better solution to monitor Heat Remediation Treatments for Bed Bug Control. I called several distributors to see what was available. Most of them simply said here's our products and prices. I then talked to Jennifer at Tech Instrumentation.  Jennifer recommended a system using the RTR-500DC wireless hand-held data collector along with 6 sensors.  I couldn't be more satisfied.
The set up time is now down to a quick 5 or 10 minutes as opposed to 30 to 60 minutes - or even more before I began using this kit. No more wires to untangle and run from different locations to the exterior.                                                           
Bed Bug Thermal Remediation using Temperature Data Loggers
Once set up, your monitoring can be done from about anywhere you choose. No more continually going to monitor to check temps. The monitor/base station is size of a telephone, so I just put it in my pocket and can check however often I want. The sensors are dead on. I would highly recommend this system to anyone monitoring multiple locations.
Proper heat treatment for bed bugs requires a minimum temperature of around 120 F throughout the target area. This means the ambient air temperature is sometimes much higher, but should not exceed 155-160 F. Clutter in the area effects the time required.  We use propane 500k BTU heaters. The sensors are placed in different areas throughout the structure, in places like wall sockets, bedding and furniture. These are checked approximately every fifteen minutes. If one area is not reaching temperature, I may move fans to direct more heat to that area or increase heater output. I also place senors to directly monitor items that could be vulnerable to heat damage. This system allows me to place the sensors and check them as often as I want at just a glance.
Before I was running leads from each location to a monitor. The leads were 50' long and a real hassle running from one end of house to one location. The previous monitor had to stay connected, which meant if it was by front door or side window and I'm monitoring from my truck every fifteen minutes I had to go check at those sites. I can now monitor from truck or wherever I choose. Heaters do have to be adjusted during the process. Once all areas are in the temperature kill zone, I hold that temperature for 3 hours. The whole process is a full day. That's a lot of checking of temperatures. Sometimes I do multiple apartments at once. This allows me to put 3 sensors in one unit and 3 in another, and still monitor from a central location.
Tech Instrumentation is now offering a Bed Bug Heat Remediation Kit that includes:
  • 1 RTR-500DC Wireless Handheld Data Collector
  • 6 RTR-502  External Sensor Temperature Thermo Recorder (Will work with up to 32 Sensors)
  • Case101202K Chrome Steel Hinged Clipboard Case.  Key Locking
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