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Fumigation of Crops Prior to Export

Fumigation of Crops Prior to Export

Prior to international shipping, many grains/crops are required to be fumigated.  Now a temperature record of the entire fumigation procedure is most often required.  Often the temperature sensors have to be placed far from the data logger and each other.

Tech Instrumentation builds thermocouple custom probes that can have long cables to meet the hard-to-reach areas.  Customers in this business have found the T and D RTR-505TC a great and durable unit that can transmit the data frequently, where it can be viewed on the cloud.  This is important because the fumigation process can last for days and it allows personnel to monitor the progress of the fumigation without being onsite.  Personnel can be sent alarm messages to email or text messages.

The T and D RTR-505TC allows virtually any type K probe to be plugged into the unit.

For more information, give us a call and speak to one of our application engineers.

TandD RTR-505TC

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