Monitor Temperatures of your centrally heated or cooled apartment buildings.

Posted by BarrCoders Collaborator on

As a property manager, you are aware of the problem.  Maintaining an accurate temperature history of your units is critical in order to prove compliance with your local heat laws and to prove the same to your tenants. You have central heating or cooling in your building.  Most of the tenants find the temperature fine, but there are always "those few" that complain the apartment is too hot or too cold.  So you bring a thermometer to the apartment and take a reading and it turns out to be in the comfort zone.  The tenant says it may be okay...

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High Temperature/High Humidity Measurements

Posted by Jennifer Pinnell on

When a customer needs to measure the temperature and relative humidity in a high temperature/high humidity environment, such as a humidity chamber or jerky cooking, they can either spend a great deal of money on specialized probes and meters, or they can measure the wet bulb and dry bulb temperatures and calculate the relative humidity. The term "wet bulb" refers to covering the temperature sensor with a wet wick/sock.  The sensor being covered can be a mercury bulb on the end the the thermometer, or a thermocouple or thermister at the end of a probe.  The other end of the...

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Vaccine Storage Synthesis

Posted by Kyle Smith on

Vaccine Storage Proper and effective vaccine storage will always remain a critical component in any successfully ran health organization. Tech Instruments serves these organizations by providing the latest industry products and information to our clients so they can remain on top of their business game and client services. In the age of information, health care organizations and scientific labs must continuously rely on third-party business partners to ensure their operations are synthesized, congruent, and adhering to the latest laws and policies in the vaccine storage space. Tech Instruments has been providing this quality of service to business markets for many...

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Fumigation of Crops Prior to Export

Posted by Jennifer Pinnell on

Fumigation of Crops Prior to Export

Prior to international shipping, many grains/crops are required to be fumigated.  Now a temperature record of the entire fumigation procedure is most often required.  Often the temperature sensors have to be placed far from the data logger and each other. Tech Instrumentation builds thermocouple custom probes that can have long cables to meet the hard-to-reach areas.  Customers in this business have found the T and D RTR-505TC a great and durable unit that can transmit the data frequently, where it can be viewed on the cloud.  This is important because the fumigation process can last for days and it allows personnel...

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Bed Bug Thermal Remediation using Temperature Data Loggers

Posted by Jennifer Pinnell on

Bed Bug Thermal Remediation using Temperature Data Loggers

By David Young Young Environmental Solutions, Indiana Model BBHR-502      Recently I was shopping for a better solution to monitor Heat Remediation Treatments for Bed Bug Control. I called several distributors to see what was available. Most of them simply said here's our products and prices. I then talked to Jennifer at Tech Instrumentation.  Jennifer recommended a system using the RTR-500DC wireless hand-held data collector along with 6 sensors.  I couldn't be more satisfied. The set up time is now down to a quick 5 or 10 minutes as opposed to 30 to 60 minutes - or even more before...

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