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What Are Light Meters Used For?

What Are Light Meters Used For?

Light meters are used to measure the amount of light in a given area, including ambient light, direct light, reflected light and incident light.

Light data loggers are used to record the amount of light over time. Light meters can be used to measure the brightness of a light source, the illumination level in an area or the intensity of light reflected off of a surface.

Light data loggers are often used to monitor light levels in an environment over long periods of time.

Industries That Use Light Meters

What Are Light Meters Used For?


Museums typically use light meters to ensure that exhibits are not exposed to too much light, which can damage delicate items. Light meters can be used to measure the amount of light in an exhibit case and compare it to the recommended level for that type of material.

Architecture and Design

Light meters are often used by architects and designers to ensure that a space is adequately illuminated. For example, a designer may use a light meter to determine how much light is needed in a room to create a certain atmosphere. Architects may also use light meters to assess the amount of natural light available in a space and determine whether artificial lighting will be necessary.


Photographers use handheld light meters to determine the correct exposure for their photographs. A photographer will take a light reading with a light meter and then adjust the shutter speed and aperture of their camera to achieve the desired exposure. Light meters can also be used in studio photography to ensure that the subject is evenly lit.


Cinematographers use light meters to ensure that the lighting in a scene is consistent and flattering to the actors. A cinematographer will take light readings throughout a scene and make adjustments as necessary to maintain the desired look.

Industrial Applications

Light meters are used in a variety of industrial applications to assess the brightness of lights and monitor light levels over time. For example, light meters may be used in factories to ensure that work areas are adequately lit or in warehouses to monitor the level of natural light coming in through windows.

What Are Light Data Loggers?

What Are Light Meters Used For?

A light data logger is a device that measures and records data about the intensity and duration of light exposure. Light data loggers are often used in scientific research to study the effects of light on plant growth or human health. They can also be used in industrial settings to monitor lighting levels and ensure compliance with safety regulations.

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