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What Are Hygrometers?

What Are Hygrometers?

Tech Instrumentation offers high quality and reliable hygrometers for use in a variety of applications. We have products suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, as well as commercial and industrial applications. Our hygrometers are available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit your needs.

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What Is a Hygrometer?

What Are Hygrometers?

Hygrometers are used to measure humidity content in the air, gas or soil. Humidity readings are necessary for many industrial applications.

Hygrometers come in a variety of sizes and styles, and can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.

How Do Hygrometers Work?

Hygrometers work by measuring water vapor. The higher the humidity, the more water vapor is present in the air.

Hygrometers detect water vapor in different ways depending on what type of hygrometer they are — mechanical and electronic hygrometers work differently.

An electronic (or digital) hygrometer measures water vapor using a capacitive or resistive sensor, detecting the change in electrical resistance of a thin layer of lithium chloride (a semiconductor device) as humidity changes. Mechanical hygrometers, on the other hand, use human hair or a wetted wick as a sensor. As humidity changes, so does the length of the hair.

Why Use Hygrometers?

What Are Hygrometers?

Hygrometers are used in a variety of industries to monitor and control the moisture content in the air. They are commonly used in greenhouses, warehouses, factories and office buildings. Hygrometers can also be used to monitor the relative humidity in your home or office.

Hygrometers Used In Meteorology

Hygrometers are typically used in meteorology to measure the humidity in the air. The most common type of humidity meter used in meteorology is the psychrometer, which consists of two thermometers (wet-bulb and dry-bulb) that are mounted side by side.

These hygrometers are used to measure the dew point, which is the temperature air must be cooled to in order to achieve a relative humidity — this is why they are also called "dew point hygrometers". In meteorology, this is important for predicting the formation of fog, clouds and precipitation.

Industrial Hygrometers

What Are Hygrometers?

An industrial humidity monitor is typically used to measure and control the moisture content in the air of an office or warehouse. These humidity meters are usually more rugged and durable than household or office models.

Some industrial hygrometer applications include the following:

  • Controlling the moisture content of tobacco during storage
  • Drying lumber
  • Monitoring the moisture content of paper during manufacturing
  • Regulating indoor humidity in museums and art galleries
  • Measuring humidity level in greenhouses

Some industrial hygrometers are designed to be mounted on walls or ceilings, while others are portable.

There are also hygrometers that can be integrated into larger systems, such as HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems. These types of hygrometers are often used in hospitals, office buildings and other large commercial buildings.

Why Choose Tech Instrumentation For Your Hygrometers?

We offer a wide range of hygrometers to suit your needs, including portable hygrometers and wall-mounted hygrometers. Our team of experts can help you choose the right hygrometer for your application.

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