Vaccine Storage Synthesis

Vaccine Storage Synthesis

Vaccine Storage

Proper and effective vaccine storage will always remain a critical component in any successfully ran health organization. Tech Instruments serves these organizations by providing the latest industry products and information to our clients so they can remain on top of their business game and client services. In the age of information, health care organizations and scientific labs must continuously rely on third-party business partners to ensure their operations are synthesized, congruent, and adhering to the latest laws and policies in the vaccine storage space. Tech Instruments has been providing this quality of service to business markets for many years.

Vaccine Storage Regulations Are Changing

Once again the vaccine storage industries rules are changing but you’re in luck. Why? Tech Instruments is an ISO-17025 compliant business with pending filings to become fully certified. This means we are your trusted resources when it comes to vaccine storage regulations and products. Tech Instrumentation is forever your trusted source and supplier of vaccine storage equipment. Our organization remains committed and dedicated in remaing on the leading edge of policies, rules, and regulations concerning the vaccine storage industry.

In 2018, the rules are set to change again as new innovative products are launched and policy makers refine old, outdated laws. But don’t worry - Tech Instrumentation will help alleviate any pain points derived from industry alterations to the law. As an ISO17025 compliant organization with pending patent approval, you can trust the information from our enterprise and the products we sell are law-abiding, reliable, and valuable assets to your own operation.

Products For Vaccine Storage

Further, Tech Instruments just added a new temperature logging kit to our website which alleviates headaches commonly found in the vaccine storage business operations.

The new VAC-TRED30-Kit-2 provides everything you’d ever need to monitor the temperature if your office refrigerator or freezer storing vaccine. The food-grade glycol is even included in this product providing you a robust, valuable solution to any temperature monitoring situation or problem your organization may be facing.  

You can always count on Tech Instrumentation in providing the highest quality products while simultaneously adhering to the latest regulations and laws in the vaccine storage industry.

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