Monitor Temperatures of your centrally heated or cooled apartment buildings.

As a property manager, you are aware of the problem.  Maintaining an accurate temperature history of your units is critical in order to prove compliance with your local heat laws and to prove the same to your tenants.

You have central heating or cooling in your building.  Most of the tenants find the temperature fine, but there are always "those few" that complain the apartment is too hot or too cold.  So you bring a thermometer to the apartment and take a reading and it turns out to be in the comfort zone.  The tenant says it may be okay now, but often it's not.  A single temperature reading is just not enough to go on, so you're at a standoff and really don't know if anything needs to be done.

At Tech Instrumentation, we offer an affordable product to eliminate that uncertainty.  With our Property Management Temperature Monitoring Kits you have the ability to place an individual temperature (and humidity) monitor in each apartment.  If there is a complaint, you simply bring your laptop computer to the apartment and you will be able to instantly view the past history of the temperature.  Temperatures may be shown in graph format or a list of individual readings.

Heat Law Verification kits for Property Management

 Ordered with the certificates of calibration, you will have the necessary evidence to prove compliance with your local heat laws.



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