Basement, Crawl Space, Attic and Wine Cellar Humidity and Temperature Monitoring

Basement, Crawl Space, Attic and Wine Cellar Humidity and Temperature Monitoring

Wine Cellar, Basement, Crawl Space and Attic Temperature and Humidity Monitoring made easy!

When the temperatures go up in the summer time, the humidity in your basement, crawlspace, attic or wine cellar will increase right in line with the temperatures.  Many of us will install a dehumidifier to prevent damage to furniture, flooring and to control the growth of molds and bacteria.  Once the dehumidifier is installed though, how do we really know it's doing the job? 

If you're not in the basement regularly - and particularly for crawl spaces, attics and wine cellars, a better choice would probably be to place a wireless temperature and humidity monitor.  With a wireless RH monitor, a small sensor is placed in the basement, attic or crawl space.  

Once set up, you can define minimum and maximum settings for temperature and humidity and have the ability to receive a text in the event that your limits have been exceeded.

You'll need to purchase a RTR-322-300 Log-EZ Wireless Temperature and Humidity Recorder Kit to actively monitor temperature and humidity in their wine cellars, basements, attics and crawlspaces.  The RTR-322 wirelessly transmits the information to a receiver plugged into your modem or router where it's forwarded to your cell phone so you may monitor it any time from anywhere.  It couldn't be easier!

Questions?  Just give us a quick call and we're happy to help you!  Our toll free number is 800-390-0004.


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