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Tech Instrumentation has been in business since 1990 selling, servicing and calibrating instrumentation for our customers worldwide.  We're located in Elizabeth Colorado, USA.  

You may always contact us with any questions at 800-390-0004 (303-841-7567 from outside of USA or Canada) from 8:30 to 5:00 Mountain Time Zone.   

If you need our W-9, please feel free to download it here.

Tech Instrumentation Inc.
750 E Kiowa Ave.             [for UPS, FedEx, etc.]
PO Box 2029                    [ALL mail must go to our PO Box]
Elizabeth, CO 80107-2029


Phone: (303) 841-7567
Fax: (303) 840-8568

NOTE:  We do not accept unsolicited advertisements at the facsimile number.

Email: info@techinstrument.com