Tech Instrumentation — General Tools & Instruments

Tech Instrumentation — General Tools & Instruments

Instrumentation and related general tools are used in a variety of industries to measure, record and control process variables. Common examples include flow meters, temperature sensors, and pressure gauges. Instrumentation tools are essential for ensuring process safety and quality control in many industries.

For example:

  • Flow meters are used to measure the rate of fluid flow in a pipe or channel. Common types of flow meters include differential pressure, positive displacement and electromagnetic flow meters.

  • Temperature sensors are used to measure the temperature of a process variable, such as the temperature of a liquid or gas.

  • Pressure gauges are used to measure the pressure of a process variable, such as the pressure of a gas or liquid.

Instrumentation tools are essential for many industries, including agriculture, HVAC, greenhouse and screen printing.

Tech Instrumentation — Offering General Tools & Instruments for a Variety of Applications.

Tech Instrumentation provides the measuring tools you need for virtually any industry.

Agricultural Instruments

The agricultural industry needs agriculture instruments for tasks such as measuring soil moisture, pH levels, and air temperature in greenhouses.

Asphalt Instruments

Instruments used in the asphalt industry include core cutters, thickness gauges, compaction meters and slope sensors. An infrared thermometer is typically used on job sites, along with other instruments. These tools are used to measure the thickness of asphalt pavement, the density of compacted asphalt and the angle of slopes.

Athletic Training Instruments

Athletic training can't be accomplished without instrumentation. Trainers use tools such as stopwatches, heat index monitors and pedometers to track their athletes' progress. They also use devices to measure various physical characteristics, such as body fat percentage and vertical jump height.

BBQ Instruments

People require BBQ instrumentation like a BBQ thermometer because they want to make sure their meat is cooked properly. This industry requires devices such as meat probes and digital fork thermometers.

Composting Instruments

The composting industry requires instrumentation—your composting thermometer is a common requirement, as well as hay bale thermometers and thermocouple data loggers its day-to-day operations.

Greenhouse Instruments

Greenhouse growers need greenhouse instruments to measure factors such as light intensity, carbon dioxide levels, soil temperature and humidity.

Hatchery Instruments

Hatchery instruments include egg incubators, brooder thermostats and humidity meters. These devices are necessary for hatcheries to maintain the proper conditions for incubating eggs and raising young chicks.

HVAC Instruments

HVAC technicians use various instruments to troubleshoot and maintain HVAC systems. These HVAC measuring instruments are used to measure pressure, vacuum, temperature, humidity, airflow and other variables.

Incubation Instruments

Those working in incubation require a variety of instrumentation including, humidity thermometers, hatching probes, hatchery thermometers and other temperature-monitoring devices. These instruments are necessary for hatcheries to maintain the proper conditions for incubating eggs and raising young chicks.

Meat Packing Instruments

The meat packing industry uses a variety of instrumentation including panel and infrared thermometers. These devices are necessary for meat packing facilities to maintain the proper temperature for storing and processing meat.

Museum Instruments

Museums use instrumentation such as environmental monitors to track temperature, humidity and light levels. These instruments are necessary to protect the collections from damage due to changes in environmental conditions.

Petro-Chemical Instruments

Petro-chemical requires instrumentation for a variety of applications including gas measurement in storage tanks, measuring the flow of liquids and gases through pipelines and measuring the temperature and pressure of fluids in refineries.

Poultry Instruments

Poultry instruments include temperature and humidity meters, as well as high power UV inspection flashlights. These tools are necessary to ensure the health and welfare of the birds.

Pulp Thermometers

Pulp thermometer are used to check the internal temperature of produce and are used in grocery stores every day.

Refrigeration Instruments

Instruments used in refrigeration include refrigerator thermometers, temperature and humidity data loggers, wireless temperature monitoring systems and industrial thermometers. These devices are necessary for refrigeration facilities to maintain the proper temperature and humidity levels for storing perishable goods.

Screen Printing Instruments

The screen printing industry uses a variety of instrumentation tools to measure the thickness of coatings, the density of fabrics and the tension of screens. A humidity meter is a popular item, along with many others.

Transportation Instruments

Transportation instruments like a temperature recorder are used to measure temperatures as well as to monitor engine performance.

Vaccine Instruments

From temperature data loggers to vaccine carriers, vaccine instruments help to ensure that vaccines are stored and transported properly.

Veterinary Instruments

Veterinarians need a variety of veterinary instruments such as UV inspection flashlights and veterinary probes to do their jobs effectively.

Warehouse Instruments

Instruments commonly used in warehouses include warehouse temperature monitoring and temp data loggers, humidity meters and leak detectors.

Weather Instruments

Weather instruments like outdoor thermometers are required for measuring various meteorological phenomena such as precipitation, humidity, wind speed and direction.

Why Choose Tech Instrumentation?

There are many different types of instrumentation tools, each with their own specific purpose. Instrumentation tools are used in a variety of industries, from grocery stores and transportation to healthcare and warehousing. Each industry has its own unique set of instrumentation needs.

Instrumentation tools are used to measure or monitor various conditions or factors. These tools can be used to measure things like temperature, engine performance or even vaccine potency. There is a wide range of instrumentation tools available, each designed for a specific purpose.

Tech Instrumentation has the instruments you need for virtually any application. We carry a wide range of instruments from leading manufacturers, including Cooper-Atkins and Comark. Search our sites navigation to find what you need today!

Since 1990, Tech Instrumentation has provided instruments, instrumentation inspection and maintenance services to our clients across the world. We are based in Elizabeth, Colorado, United States.

From 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Mountain Time, you may always contact us at 800-390-0004 (303-841-7567 from outside of the United States or Canada).

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