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212 Series Wall Thermometers are 12" / 30.5 cm in diameter and available for a variety of requirements that increases employee awareness while monitoring temperature.


Humidity Range 0 ° to 100% RH
Resolution 2 F °/ 1 °C increments
Warranty 1 year warranty
Temperature Range -40 ° to 120 °F / -40 ° to 50 °C
Temperature Accuracy ±3 °F 30 °F to 90 °F / ±5 °F All other
Housing Material ABS plastic, Plastic lens with UV additive
Dial Diameter 12" / 305mm diameter x 1.25" / 32mm
Weight 15oz / 425g


Ask a Question
  • Where is this thermometer made?

    The Cooper-Atkins 212-150-8 Outdoor Thermometer with Hygrometer is made in China.

  • How can this b mounted on a metal door?How

    There is a hole in the bak of the thermometer that will accommodate a screw, nail, or hook.  A hook with adhesive backing should work.

  • Can this thermometer be mounted on the outside of a window?

    It could be mounted outside of a window, however it would be difficult since it's designed to be mounted from the back.   If you have a post or tree near a window, it could be easily mounted to either of them.

Customer Reviews

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Denzel Fisher
Just What I Was Looking For

I’ve been looking for a thermometer showing both Fahrenheit and Celsius, plus with a hygrometer for a very long time. Not only does this have what I wanted, it is easy to read from inside the house and the working parts are enclosed and not exposed to the elements as so many cheapies are. It also is very reasonably priced. Tech Instrumentation delivered promptly. Good results!

Why Didn't I Buy This In The First Place?!

I wanted a thermometer/hygrometer combo to know the temps in my basement where I work out in the winter, and to verify the humidity level reading on my basement dehumidifier.

I initially bought a digital thermometer/hygrometer and its humidity readings were reasonably close to my dehumidifier, but the LCD display was tough to read from off-angles, and in the low light of the basement, and only worsened as the battery ran down. Lastly, I didn't care for replacing batteries.

Next, I bought a swinging hinge, analog wall mount thermometer from one of the big box hardware stores. While its small 3 1/2" face didn't bother me, its humidity reading was 18% different than the display on my dehumidifier and I questioned its accuracy.

Yeah; that small face DID start to bug me, and it looked kinda silly undersized on the basement wall. I needed something larger, and more accurate.

When I found the Cooper-Atkins, I knew it was right for me. This product looked more professional than the hardware store offerings.

As a plus, the Cooper-Atkins headquarters is a mere 8 miles from where I live so I get to sorta own something local, even though it's made in China :-( .

Well, turns out its humidity readings closely match the analog hygrometer it replaces which inclines me to believe I can trust the readings on the Cooper Atkins. The large, easy to read from a distance display is a plus. The lack of needing batteries seals the deal.

Myrial L. Streight

Very good!

Gregory Porter
outdoor thermometer - going below

Just as the cold moves into Wisconsin, my outdoor thermometer says it's 20 degrees F- 24/7 ?? So I ordered a new Cooper thermometer. It works great - something I wanted with the temperatures plunging to minus 20F and beyond !

Jan Bush

Put it on the all seems to be a good 👍 buy, will watch& water.

Phil Riley

212-150 Outdoor Thermometer with Hygrometer

Brian Gieser
5 star

Easy to read

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