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fast delivery

6142-06 40/240 F/C, Front Flange Vapor Tension Panel Thermometer

Thermometer Display

Nice LCD thermometer and works well. The display is somewhat difficult to read because the actual temperature displayed is highlighted with the background. In other words, those segments which should be off are not fully off giving two displays.

Great service

Great service

Excellent customer service

Had a faulty part and replacing it was easy fast service.

8 days ago we fulfilled your order of 1 x 6142-20 Panel Thermometer -40/60 F, 2" Dial, Front Fla...

Work as it should.

Previous sensor only lasted 9 months

Accurate but not durable

IR-Fi140L Food Thermometer

Super fast shipping, great price!

Awesome service

Can’t get any better!

New Sensor

I just installed this sensor, very easy installation. I am hoping it will last a long time.

It works.

The original one died after several years. New one replaced it and works fine.It is accurate to within +/- 1 degree at any temperature. Close enough to tell me whether I need a sweater.

2 thumbs up

This new model has the volume which helps a lot in a noisy kitchen

They work

They were what I needed.

Oven Thermometer

Quality product, fast delivery!

Ordered two probes.

Excellent Service.


All plastic, reasonably accurate! A good value.

Quality Products

Quality product delivered in a timely manor, great customer service and they stand behind their products

Fast shipping

Great product

Good and reliable!

Got 2 of these. The temperature is spot on on both and very accurate. The relative humidity is 2% different: one is spot on and the other is 2% higher-still within the 5% specification after a salt test. Bottom line: happy to own them. The company (Tech Instrumentation) is excellent in terms of courtesy, communication, price competitiveness, item packaging and shipping speed. Will do business with again!

Cooper Atkins Donut Probe

Seems to work great. Thank you.

SH66A-E 3-Zone HVAC Thermistor Temperature Meter

bad courrier service

I have nothing to comment. I have not received the product . according to the tracking still in customs and the forecast of reception is approximately another 30 days.
They use a very bad courier service the cheapest and most problematic.
I think they already knew and they have not corrected this.
the customers went through bad times because of this

Ask Hannah

I am not Hannah (somehow paying with PayPal messed up shipping/billing info) but purchased this item for Hannah and her partner as a birthday gift. I have the same model and they saw it this Spring while visiting here and expressed an interest in having one. I love mine so I'm sure they love the one they received.

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