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DCS1600ART Articulating Datalogging Video Borescope System - Tech Instrumentation

DCS1600ART Articulating Datalogging Video Borescope System

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Ideal for aircraft maintenance, machinery and production line inspection, petro-chemical and power plant inspection, general MRO and facility management.

¥ One-handed articulation function allows user to turn the probe tip to inspect targets located at sides or at an angle while it is inside a tight space.
¥ Turning knob and lock-button are ergonomically-engineered, and offer one-handed easy control to the probe tip to view targets from ideal angle
¥ Durable material and construction: all components pass 60,000 cycle test
¥ P16ART-1SM: 1 meter, articulating, soft-metal probe.
¥ Bright TFT Display
¥ Revolutionary mobility, no need to transport large multiple components
¥ Compact, palm-sized unit includes LED light source, TFT (Thin Film Transistor) display, camera and recorder
¥ Takes still photos and dynamic video in real time
¥ Internal SD memory allows user to save a whole video and output later
¥ TV monitor output, Computer USB output
¥ Data logging function
¥ Multiple mirrored viewing tips and extra wide view angle
¥ Multiple video formats compatible with most software including Windows Media Player
¥ No special software required
¥ Rechargeable batteries can record for 4 hours
¥ Water, oil, dust and scratch resistant
¥ Optimized illumination
¥ Rapid assembly of lens module
¥ Illumination intensity easily adjusts to environment
¥ 3.5" (89mm) extra-wide TFT monitor

Kit Includes:
¥ Charger
¥ 1 Meter articulating probe (P16ART-1SM)
¥ SD memory card
¥ 70, 90 and 110 ° mirrors
¥ USB to 5-pin mini-B cable
¥ Video cable
¥ Cleaning cloth
¥ Cotton swabs
¥ Instructions
¥ Heavy duty water proof blow mold case

¥ Articulation Angle: 2 way
¥ Articulation Sweep: 0 to ± 120 °
¥ 5.5 mm Diameter Insert Tube 325(H) 250(V)
¥ Housing: Steel
¥ Light Source: White LED
¥ Depth of Field (DOF): 1cm~6cm
¥ Water Resistant: Only the Insert tube is water resistant
¥ Working Temperature: 0 °C~55 °C Console
¥ Power: Battery rechargeable Li-Polymer battery, 3.7V Power supply AC 100-240V 50-60Hz Power consumption DC5.5 1.8A
¥ Display: 3.5 TFT LCD QVGA
¥ Recording Medium: 1G SD CARD (up to 2G)
¥ Video Out Format: NTSC & PAL

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