Home Distiller Distilling to Making Your Own Essential oil, Moonshine, Alcohol Distiller Chemistry Lab Glassware Kit,glass Distilling,distillation Apparatus 22pcs Kit, 500 ML

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Brand: Cherish XT

Color: Transparent glass


  • 1. Distillation of Essential Oils DIY Make a professional suit to meet your needs. All flasks are made of 3.3 borosilicate glass that is hand blown and polished for perfect fit. Comes with everything as pictured.
  • 2. High-quality thick production, high temperature, temperature up to 500 degrees, let you worry-free experiment. Perfect set for organic chemistry labs, distillation, fractional distillation, separation, purification, and synthesis.
  • 3. Good thermal stability. The coefficient of thermal expansion of glass is very small and can withstand severe temperature changes.
  • 4. The transparency is good.
  • 5. Good electrical insulation.

Publisher: Cherish XT

Details: This is a set of home DIY steam distillation equipment producing pure oil. Glassware components are all made of 3.3 Borosilicate Glass and annealed at 800 degrees Celsius, can be directly heated in an open flame, and can withstand typical laboratory thermal changes in chemical processes such as heating and cooling. 22 sets of various professional equipment to meet your needs. Function: 1.Separate the liquid mixture. 2.Assay the boiling point of pure compounds. 3.Purification and distillation. 4.Recover solvents,or steamed part of the solvent out to enrichment solution. Product List: Distillation flask 500ml thicker*1 Snake condensation tube*1 Horn tube*1 Alcohol light *1 Asbestos net*1 Pear Separating Funnel 100ml*1 Beaker 100ml*1 Erlenmeyer flask 100ml*1 Rubber stopper*3 Thermometer 100°*1 Irons*2 Base*2 Large circle *1 Small circle*1 Cross*2 Latex tube*2 Waterstop clip*2 Toolbox*1 Glass dropper*1 Beaker brush*1 Plastic syringe*1 Wick 15cm*2 Attention Tips: 1.Put few broken ceramics into the distillation flask in order to prevent liquor from bumping. 2.The liquor inside of the distillation flask can’t be more than 2/3 of volume or fewer than 1/3 of volume. 3.Cooling water inside of condenser pipe enter into mouth and get out wound 4.Heated temperature can’t over boiling poin

EAN: 7657379350132

Package Dimensions: 16.2 x 13.2 x 11.0 inches

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