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M750 Veterinary Thermometer

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The M750 includes all features that come standard in the M700. Additional technology allows for use of a RFID reader allowing users to store temperatures, ID animals and save readings into animal health software.


  • Features on the M750 in addition to all features on the M700
  • Automatic shut-off after five minutes or determined by customer via software
  • RS232 Port Built into unit
  • RFID Reader Compatible thru RS232 Port
  • 1023 Temperature and ID storage locations
  • Temperature, ID, time stored as space delimited ASCII file
  • 9600 Baud rate
  • Information stored as: Tag ID#, Date, Time, Temperature
  • Real Time Clock Feature
  • Manual ID Entry
  • Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Automatic Shut-off time
  • Last four tag numbers displayed on LED Screen, full number stored in memory

Package Includes

  • M750 Thermometer
  • M207R (Right Angle) or M207S (Straight) Probe
  • C725 Battery Charger
  • Null Modem Serial Cable
  • M750 Thermometer Series Instruction Manual / Quick Instruction Sheet
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