Kights Privacy Fever Temperature Scanner Kiosk with Stand - Scans 40 People per Minute

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Kights USA specializes in automatic, infrared temperature check stations. Quickly scan the forehead temperature of people entering your building.  Based out of Denver, CO, Kights USA products are safe, fast and accurate. Since our scanner is a stand-alone and non-connected device there are no nasty privacy or security issues that can come with other facial recognition or cloud based products.  Fast. Ability to measure up to 40 people per minute .

  • Comes with a slim line mounted metal midnight black stand or without stand so you can permanently mount it at your desired location.
  • High-tech thermal infrared imaging sensor.
  • No-contact system. Temperature can be measured from up to 20 inches away from the device.
  • Fast. Ability to measure up to 40 people per minute.
  • Independently certified by an American calibration company.
  • +/- 0.5°F accuracy if used in conjunction with the recommended settings.
  • Plug and play – simply unpack from the box and plug in for easy operation.
  • Alarm signal (Visual and audible) for both cold and hot temperatures.
  • Protects privacy. No personal data, videos, photos, or logging of personal information.
  • LCD touch screen to adjust settings. Customizable settings include high and low temperature range, distance, and alarm duration.
  • Ability to record usage and number of alarms.
  • 15 inch range on detection heights, plus the stand has an adjustable height adjustment which can be quickly and easily changed to accommodate adults, children and those with special needs.
  • CE certified.
  • RoHS certified.
  • Relay available to plug into other devices/alert systems including turnstiles.
  • Includes a traceable certification of accuracy from Tech Instrumentation.

The Kights Scanner helps screen for individuals exhibiting a potentially elevated body temperature while entering workplaces, schools, offices, entertainment venues and all other indoor public spaces with high volumes of people or high-risk people coming in and out. 

The COVID-19 crisis set the world spinning on an axis none of us were fully prepared to handle. The need for us to exercise greater care in all aspects of our health, hygiene and general well-being has become highly apparent.

Our debut product, the Kights Scanner launched in May 2020, months after the initial outbreak of COVID-19.  With scientists all over the world working to find a cure, we need to take precautionary measures to support safe movement through the community while maintaining the liberty of individuals to move about as normally as possible.

Our Scanner, although not a medical device, was introduced to implement additional safety measures at many different venues. The Scanner is set up at an entry point to a building, stadium, worksite, or shop, or other venue and can help alert your staff to anybody with an abnormal body temperature attempting to enter the facility.  Results should be verified by an FDA approved device.

Kights USA is based out of Denver, Colorado.  We manufacture products made to assist in supporting our general health and well-being.

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