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TR-72W Dual Channel Temperature and Humidity  Data Logger - Tech Instrumentation

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TR-72W Dual Channel Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

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The TR-72W dual channel temperature and RH (humidity) data logger allows for hardwired (LAN via RJ45 connector) or wireless temperature data collection via an optional Wireless LAN card. Please order the optional LAN card with your logger if you desire wireless connections. Send e-mail warnings to up to 5 addresses for over/under temperature conditions. View historical data via web browser. Includes two sensors and software.


*Manage Temperature / Humidity in a warehouse remotely via the Internet.
*Manage Temperature / Humidity in a remotely located building.
*Collect Temperature / Humidity data in a factory via a LAN.
*Manage Temperature / Humidity by cell phone when away from home.

About the TR-7W Series Web Viewer

With the TR-7W Series Web Viewer you can not only use a browser to manage recording start and the downloading of recorded data, but can carry out various operations. *For the browser please use Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher.

Recording Settings
By setting the recording interval, the recording start time and the recording mode, recording will begin at the set date and time.
Downloading Recorded Data
It is possible to download recorded data from the TR-7W via a browser and create files.
Send Warning Messages by E-mail
Send E-mail warnings to up to 5 addresses when set temperature or humidity limits are exceeded.
View Readings on a Cell Phone
Current temperature and humidity readings can be viewed with a cell phone web browser.
Monitor Current Readings
The current readings measured every 30 seconds in the TR-7W can be displayed. It is also possible to view via a cell phone browser.
Measurements taken by the TR-7W loggers can be shown in graph form which updates every 5 minutes and can show up to 1 week's worth of data.
Main Unit Settings
Clock and Calendar Settings, Button settings, Channel Name Settings, Worning Mail Transmission Test, Forced Cancellation of Communication, Restarting the System.


Measurement Channel:
External Sensor: 0 to 50 °C
Optional Sensor: -40 to 110 °C
Measurement Accuracy: Average ±0.3 °C(-20 to 80 °C) Average ±0.5 °C(-40 to-20 °C / 80 to 110 °C)
Measurement Resolution Display: Attached Sensors
External Sensor: 10 to 95%RH
Measurement Accuracy: ±5%RH (At 25 °C 50%RH)
Measurement Resolution Display: 1%RH
Attached Sensors: TR-3110 : Temp / Humidity Sensor x 1
Recording Interval: 1,2,5,10,15,20,30Seconds,1,2,5,10,15,20,30,60Minutes / Total of 15 choices
Recording Capacity: 8,000 Readings x 2 Channels
Recording Method: Endless (Overwrite from the oldest data when recording capacity is full) One time Method (Stop recording when recording capacity is full)
LCD Display: Measurements (Ch1 only, Ch2 only, alternating display), Recording Status, Battery Life Warning, Over-Measurement Range, Amount of Recorded Data, Unit of Measurement
Power Source: Specific AC adaptor (AD-0607 or AD-0605)
Data Back-up: Saved for about 3 months with 1 lithium battery (CR-2032)
Interface: Wired LAN:10 / 100 Base - TX RJ45 connector Wireless LAN:IEEE802.11b CF type Wireless LAN Card
Dimensions: H55mm x W78mm x D39mm
Weight: About 101g ( Including one battery )
Browser Functions: View Temperature and Humidity Data in Graph Form , Start Recording,Download Data , Monitor Current Readings , Check Back-up Battery
Warning Mail Function: E-mail:Register up to 5 addresses to receive mail
Power Consumption: About 290mA (when using wired LAN)
Security: Access Controlled IP Address , ID Password Authentication
Working Environment for Main Unit: Temperature : 0 to 50 °C Humidity : 20 to 80%RH (without condensation)

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