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54011-K Thermocouple Pipe Strap Probe - Tech Instrumentation

54011-K Thermocouple Pipe Strap Probe

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The Cooper-Atkins 54011-K Thermocouple Pipe Strap Probe

This Type K Thermocouple Pipe Strap Probe is designed to measure large diameter pipe surface temperatures that standard pipe clamp probes may not fit around, it’s perfect for tight spaces. The temperature of a pipe can be read immediately when the probe is plugged into any Type K Thermocouple Instrument. Easy to install, fits pipes up to 3.3" (84 mm) in diameter. Special strap-hook design allows you to quickly secure the probe to the pipe.

Use this probe with your own type K thermometer or select from one here.

Patented Patented Design #6834993
Accuracy ±2.5 F ° (1.4 C °)
Certifications RoHS
Mounting Strap-hook for mounting, 11" (279 mm) strap length
Warranty 1 year warranty
Temperature Range -25 ° to 300 °F (-32 ° to 149 °C)
Cable Length 10’ (3 m) straight cord length
Cable Material Polyurethane cable material