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MJV2036 Front Flange Case Series Vapor Tension Thermometers [Call to place your order 800-390-0004] - Tech Instrumentation

MJV2036 Front Flange Vapor Tension Thermometers

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  • $60.00

Our vapor dial thermometers are manufactured to the highest standards for a wide range of uses and maybe fitted into almost any temperature reading application.These instruments are ideal for obtaining readings from remote locations. Being vapor actuated, they are not subject to any ambient temperature variations along the tube system and give excellent readings both above and below ambient. Vapor instruments have progressive graduations and are best read in the upper two-thirds of the range. Many ranges are available between -40 °F and 450 °F. Front flange thermometers are designed to be installed in a panel using three screws from the front.

  • CASE: 300 series stainless steel.
  • LENS: Polycarbonate, press-in (2" only) or threaded.
  • DIAL: Aluminum with white finish and black markings.
  • POINTER: Black, adjustable.
  • MOVEMENT: Brass with precision gearing.
  • BOURDON TUBE: Phosphor bronze.
  • ACCURACY: ±One scale division.
  • AMBIENT TEMPERATURE: -40 to 140 °F (-40 to 60 °C).



CAPILLARY LENGTH: 60" (Please contact us if you need additional length beyond this length)

Each unit has a different range and tubing material. Please select the dial and tube types before ordering. Some combinations may have extended lead times.

Please call us if you have any questions. 800-390-0004 ..... Free Shipping on most orders over $100 .....