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RTR-322 LOG-EZ Wireless Temperature and Humidity Recorder

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The user-friendly log-EZ can be easily used to measure and record temperature and humidity in various places such as homes and office buildings. It is possible to manage data recorded by multiple log-EZ units, that are placed in distant rooms, via one computer. Also, wireless communication makes data transmission easy and simple with no need for cables or gathering the log-EZ units to collect data.

Temperature & RH wireless Datalogger.  Includes Logger ONLY. Requires USB Receiver Dongle and Software.  See RTR-322-300 for the complete kit.


Download recorded temperature and humidity data from the log-EZ to your PC via wireless communication. Data recorded by the log-EZ can be downloaded to a PC on which the dedicated software "log-EZ for Windows" has been installed. The wireless communication function releases you from the burden of physically gathering the data loggers to check or collect data, or connecting the logger to your PC with a USB cable. Also, data recorded by multiple log-EZ units can be viewed via one computer which has the Wireless Dongle connected to it. What is the Wireless Dongle?
The Wireless Dongle is a USB device that enables wireless communication between the log-EZ units and a PC. Please use the dongle by inserting into a USB port of the PC. The dongle can also be used as a Repeater if you connect it to the AC adaptor (optional).
Easy Checking of Data in Graph Form View current readings and previously recorded data in graph form. Temperature and humidity data measured and recorded by the log-EZ can be monitored in a graph on a PC in which the software "log-EZ for Windows" has been installed.
While the following window remains open and in view, the graph will be refreshed at the set interval. The current readings, today's high and low readings will also be refreshed along with the graph. This refresh interval setting can be changed freely between one and sixty minutes.
Automatically Download Recorded Data
If the installed "log-EZ for Windows" stays on your PC as a resident software, it automatically downloads recorded data from the log-EZ at a set time of day (at 12:00 by default).
Recorded data can also be downloaded manually for a specified number of days (from one to ten days) before the current time.
Data downloaded to your PC can then be viewed in graph form for the selected Remote Unit and period of recording.
After viewing the graph, it is also possible to save data as text (CSV format) for use with common spreadsheet software.

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