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RTR-500 Wireless Base Station and Repeater - Tech Instrumentation

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RTR-500 Wireless Base Station and Repeater

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RTR-500 Wireless Base Station and Repeater

The model RTR-500 can be used as either a "Base Unit" for our RTR-500 Wireless Data Logger Series or a "Repeater" for extending wireless communication range.

Easy-USB connection for performance as a Base Unit makes it perfect for on-site use.
By registering the RTR-500 as a Base Unit, it is possible to Download Recorded Data and Current Readings from Remote Units and send the data by e-mail or FTP to a designated address. Moreover, by sending the recorded data to our online service "T&D WebStorage Service", it is possible to carry out Monitoring of Current Readings and/or Warnings as well as share the data via a PC web browser.

* RTR-500 can not be used with our RTR-50, RTR-5W and RTR-5x Series loggers.


Application Examples
* For Recording and Monitoring Temperature and Humidity in Factories and Buildings
* For Temperature and Humidity Management in Blood and Pharmaceutical Storage at Hospitals
* For Temperature Management of Refrigerated and Frozen Goods at Supermarkets and Convenience Stores
* For management in the production, storage and sales of foodstuffs and beverages
Communication & Collection examples


RTR-500 setup


RTR-500 (FCC model / CE model) As a Base Unit As a Repeater
Compatible Devices Remote Units:
Repeater: RTR-500
Base Unit:
Features and Functions When connected to a PC with "RTR-500 for Windows" running:
1. Auto-Downloading of Recorded Data (E-mail / FTP)
2. Auto-Sending of Current Readings (E-mail / FTP)
3. Warning Monitoring (E-mail)
Types of Warning Monitoring Remote Unit Measurement Warnings, Cumulative Illuminance/Amount of UV Light Warnings (RTR-574),
Remote Unit Wireless Communication Error Warnings,
Remote Unit Battery Level Warnings,
Remote Unit Sensor Error Warnings
Power USB bus power AA alkaline battery x 2,
AC adaptor (AD-0638 or AD-0638-C)
Operating Voltage 2.5V to 7.0V
Current Consumption Approx. 50mA (Wireless Communication)
Communication Interfaces USB (with PC)
Optical Communication (with Compatible Remote Units other than RTR-574/576)
LED Display Lamp ON: Connected to PC with USB cable
Blinking: During Wireless Communication and/or PC Communication
Battery Life
About 6 months *
Dimensions H 96mm x W 65mm x D 25mm (excluding protrusions)
Antenna Length : 109mm
Weight About 71g (without batteries)
Operating Environment Temperature: -10 to 60̴åÁC (-30 to 60̴åÁCwhen using external power)
Humidity: 20 to 80%RH (no condensation)
Other Not waterproof, moistureproof, or dustproof.
    *When used for wireless communication five minutes a day. Battery life varies depending upon the ambient temperature in which it is used, the frequency of communication, and the battery performance. All estimates are based on operations carried out with a new battery and are in no way a guarantee of actual battery life.
Short Range Radio Communication
RF Power FCC model 7mW / CE model 5mW
Radio Standard Specifications FCC Part15 Section247 / IC RSS-210 (Frequency Range: 902 to 928MHz )
ETSI EN 300 220 (Frequency Range: 869.7 to 870MHz)
Transmission Range About 150 meters (500ft) if direct and unobstructed.
Communication Time When downloading one Remote Unit at full logging capacity:
RTR-501/501L, 502/502L, 503/503L, 505/505L, 507/507L : About 120 sec.*
RTR-574: About 240 sec,RTR-576: About 180 sec.*
* The same amount of time will be necessary for each added Repeater.
Network Communication
Data Transfer Protocol Data Transmission Protocol
When used as a Base Unit connected to a PC with "RTR-500 for Windows" running :
Auto-Downloading of Recorded Data / Auto-Sending of Current Readings:
ReadingsFTP (PASV mode also supported)
*SMTP-AUTH supports PLAIN, LOGIN and MD5
Warning Monitoring:
*SMTP-AUTH supports PLAIN, LOGIN and MD5


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