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RTR-500DC Wireless Hand Held Data Collector

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The RTR-500DC is a user-friendly wireless communication Data Collector designed for hand-held portability.

By carrying out wireless communication with Data Loggers, it is possible to start and stop recording and collect data from loggers placed in remote locations without having to manually gather them. The collected data can then be easily displayed in graph form in the LCD display of the RTR-500DC, enabling the immediate on-the-spot checking of data.
On-site Graph Display
The data collected to the RTR-500DC can be immediately viewed in graph form on the spot without the need for a computer.
A graph is displayed for each channel of data. It is possible to view, for example, four channels of data measured and recorded by the RTR-574 by pressing the Operation Dial to switch the channel for viewing.
A simple yet functional graph of the RTR-500DC enables you to check the judgement result weather the set Upper/Lower Limit has been exceeded or not, check the highest and lowest readings, as well as zoom in and out.
Monitoring for Warning and Current Readings
Using the monitoring function, the RTR-500DC carries out wireless communication at a set interval with the registered Data Loggers (Remote Units) to monitor Current Readings and Remote Unit Status. The RTR-500DC also monitors for warnings in Data Loggers for which the Upper / Lower Limit settings have been made via the supplied software.
Managing Remote Units in Groups with One RTR-500DC Unit
An RTR-500DC can manage a large number of Remote Units. When registering multiple Remote Units, they can be divided into Groups by location or measurement item, each of which can then be assigned a communication frequency channel. The maximum number of Groups which can be registered in one RTR-500DC Unit is 7 (seven). Within each group the maximum number of Remote Units which can be registered is 32 (If using RTR-505 or RTR-574 or RTR-576 the max is 16).


Data Collector RTR-500DC Unit
Compatible Devices Remote Unit: RTR-501 / 502 / 503 / 507 / 574 / 576 / 505-TC / 505-Pt / 505-V / 505-mA / 505-P,RTR-501L / 502L / 503L / 507L / 505-TCL / 505-PtL / 505-VL / 505-mAL / 505-PL
Repeater: RTR-500
Storage Capacity When downloading units at full logging capacity:
15 units of RTR-501 / 502 / 503 / 507 and/or 505
7 units of RTR-574 / 576
When downloading units at non-full logging capacity, it can store and manage up to 250 downloading sessions.
* Varies depending upon the device type, number of channels, type of recorded data.
Internal Clock Accuracy At +/- 30 sec/month at 25 ûC
LCD Display FSTN 1.9 inch, 128 x 64 dpi, semi-transmissive, monochrome, amber colored LED backlight
Wireless Communication
Downloading and Saving Recorded Data, Monitoring Current Readings and Remote Unit Status (Warning Monitoring), Starting and Stopping Remote Unit Recording,
Checking Signal Strength for Communication with Remote Unit
Non-Wireless Communication
Downloading and Saving Recorded Data
Starting and Stopping Remote Unit Recording
RTR-500DC Operations
Changing Unit of Temperature, LCD Backlight, LCD Contrast, Checking Memory, Button Sound, Checking Battery Power,
Auto Power Off Function (if the Unit is not used for three minutes)
Display Functions Graph (Highest / Lowest Measurement, Upper / Lower Limit Settings)
Data Details (Downloading Date/Time, Recording Start Date/Time,
Recording Stop Date/Time, Last Recording Date/Time)
Types of Warning Monitoring Upper Limit / Lower Limit Exceeded
Upper Limit / Lower Limit Exceeded for Cumulative Illuminance and Cumulative Amount of UV Light (RTR-574)
Power AAA Alkaline Battery x 2
*AAA Ni-MH batteries, AC adaptor (option AD-0638 or AD-0638-C), or USB bus power may also be used.
Communication Interfaces With PC: USB Communication: 38,400bps
With Remote Unit: Wireless Communication,
Optical Communication: 2,400bps (Remote Units excluding RTR-574 / 576)
Cable Communication : 19,200bps ( RTR-574 / 576 )
Communication Time
(except Wireless Communication)
When downloading one Remote Unit at full logging capacity:
-From RTR-500DC to PC
USB Communication: 12 sec. (1 Ch) / 24 sec. (4 Ch)
-From Remote Unit to RTR-500DC
Optical Communication: about 170 sec. (Remote Units excluding RTR-574 / 576)
Cable Communication: about 45 seconds (RTR-574),about 32 seconds (RTR-576)
Dimensions H125mm x W58mm x D26.3mm (excluding protrusions)
Antenna Length: 109mm
Weight About 127g (including 2 AAA batteries)
Operating Environment Temperature: 0 to 50 C / Humidity: 90%RH or less (no condensation)
Others Not waterproof, moisture proof, or dust proof


Wireless Communication Specifications
Transmission Range About 150 meters [500 ft] (if unobstructed and direct)

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RTR-500DC Wireless Hand Held Data Collector

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Wireless temp sensor replacement

Great sensor, easy to install and connect with my weather station (less than a minute)

Great Service

Ordered and delivered on time

Poor Quality

Gave 2 stars for fast shipping. Poor quality. Stabbed around 10 bales and it’s already bent. My bales are tight, which they should be. Why would you make a probe with a blunt end and not pointed? This probe is so difficult to get into my bales and due to this, the head is already bent.

I really like the product.

Good features, needs gentle handling

I'm buying a replacement because I use it in my truck and it works well. Because there's no metal to attach the magnet to, I lay it in the little coin compartment above my left knee. I pick it up to read it, so the wire gets flexed a lot where it enters the housing. The insulation wore off and the wire shorted out, so I get a reading of HH.H for the outside temps. I'll probably reinforce the wire on the new one with tape or silicone caulk.

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