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RTR-505 Wireless Data Logging System - Tech Instrumentation

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RTR-505 Wireless Data Logging System

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The RTR-505-TC, 505-Pt, 505-V, 505-mA, and 505-P* are wireless Communication data loggers designed to measure and record temperature (Thermocouple/Pt), voltage, 4-20mA, or pulse.

The RTR-500GSM (one of our Communication Interfaces for the RTR-500 Series) is currently compatible with RTR-501, RTR-502, RTR-503, RTR-505-TC and RTR-505-Pt.

Select the Wireless Data Logger to Suit Your Needs:

RTR-501: Internal Temperature Sensor
Internal sensor provides optimum waterproof and dust proof capabilities. This is the perfect Data Logger for use in harsh environments.

RTR-502: External Temperature Sensor for Wide Measurement Range
It includes model TR-5106 sensor but many others are available as options.

RTR-503 / 507: External Temperature and Humidity Sensor
While both models come with a sensor for temperature and humidity measurement, a high precision temperature/humidity sensor for RTR-507 extends the measurement range and accuracy.
The body is splash proof (IP64 rated for use in daily life) and can be used in wet environments. (Note: The sensor is not water resistant; avoid dew condensation and dampness.)

RTR-505: Wireless Data Logger with Input Module
The RTR-505 can measure and record different measurement items:

RTR-505-TC: Temperature Measurement using a Thermocouple Sensor
RTR-505-Pt: Temperature Measurement using a Pt100 or Pt1000 Sensor
RTR-505-V: Voltage Measurement using a variety of Sensors
RTR-505-mA: 4-20mA Measurement using a variety of Sensors
RTR-505-P: Pulse Measurement using a variety of Sensors

RTR-574 / 574-H: For Luminescence, UV Intensity, Temperature and Humidity Measurement. It includes two sensors to measure and record Luminescence/UV (ISA-3151) and temperature/humidity (THA-3151). The RTR-574-H includes our high precision temperature/humidity sensor (HHA-3151) and the Luminescence/UV sensor (ISA-3151).

RTR-576 / 576-H: For CO2 Concentration, Temperature and Humidity Measurement
The RTR-576 includes an internal CO2 sensor and an external temperature/humidity sensor. The RTR-576-H has the same CO2 sensor, but comes with a high precision temperature/humidity sensor for a wider measurement range: -30 to 80¡C and 0 to 99%RH. The rated accuracy for CO2 measurements is up to 5,000 ppm and the display range is up to 9,999 ppm.

The Data Loggers in our RTR-500 Series only function as Remote Units. Base Units are required to carry out wireless communication.
RTR-500 Series Loggers cannot be used with RTR-57U, RTR-50 or RTR-5W.
The sensor included with RTR-503/507 is not water resistant.
The sensor connector of the Input Module that is included with RTR-505 is not water resistant.</ul></ul>

Neither the RTR-574/576 Unit nor the included sensor are water resistant.

Large Logging Capacity: Up to 16,000 Readings
RTR-501/502/505: Maximum of 16,000 readings
16,000 readings means you can record every one second and still log four and a half hours of data; or at a recording interval * of 60 minutes you can keep logging for 666 days. A Base Unit can download via wireless communication one RTR-501, RTR-502, or RTR-505 Remote Unit at full logging capacity (16,000 readings) in about two minutes.

RTR-503/507: Maximum of 8,000 data sets
One data set consists of readings for Temperature and Humidity measurements. A Base Unit can download via wireless communication one RTR-503 Remote Unit at full logging capacity (8,000 data sets) in about four minutes.

RTR-574/576: Maximum of 8,000 data sets

The RTR-574 has one data set consisting of readings for all four channels: Luminescence, UV intensity, temperature and humidity.
The RTR-576 has one data set consisting of readings for all three channels: CO2 concentration, temperature and humidity.

* By using the software supplied with a Base Unit, the recording interval for a Remote Unit can be set to one of fifteen recording intervals (1 second to 60 minutes).
Low Energy Consumption Design

The RTR-500 Series Data Loggers use one Lithium Battery (LS14250). At normal temperature, if recorded data is downloaded once a day or if monitoring is carried out once every ten minutes, the estimated battery life will be about ten months.
Model names which include "L" are designed with a large capacity battery pack. Under the same conditions, L-type models will continue for about four years without the need to change the battery.

The RTR-574 uses one AA alkaline battery. If one Unit of full data is downloaded once a day via wireless communication, the estimated battery life will be about four months. (There are no L-types models of RTR-574/576.) Measurement with a Variety of Sensors

The RTR-505 allows for a variety of commercially available sensors to be connected to the included Input Module.
This new flexibility has widened the range of possible applications without having to change Base Units.
RTR-574 and RTR-576 featuring Button Operation

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