TP9A Petroleum Gauging Thermometer

$1,455.09 USD

Part Number Codes

  • SW  Standard Weight Sensor, 0.25 lb (0.11 Kg)
  •  EW  Extra Weight Sensor, 0.50 lb (0.23 Kg)
  •  AW  Asphalt Weight Sensor, 0.75 lb (0.34 Kg)
  •  RC  Railcar (NO) Weight Sensor, for railcar tank openings
  •  SM  Standard Cord Markings (5 ft)
  •  MM  Metric Cord Markings (1 M)
  •  NM  No Cord Markings
  •  Cord Length is in Feet except M, which is in Meters

Note that almost any combination of the codes may be ordered.  Please call for pricing if you don't see what you're looking for.

    Maximum Dimensions:

    10"L x 4.25"H x 6.4" W


    304 Stainless Steel, Sealant, Aramid Fiber Reinforced, FEP or PFA
    Cable Jacket, Coaxial Construction

    Enclosure Material:

    Stainless Steel
    Acetal (Delrin) Probe Holder
    Polyvinylchloride Faceplate
    Stainless Steel Fasteners


    2 AA Alkaline; Battery Life of approximately 200 hours
    Battery manufacturer’s battery operating temperatature range -4 to 130 °F, -20 to 54 °C
    Note: Battery may not provide adequate power if ambient temperature is extremely low or high.

    Temperature Accuracy:


    Resolution 0.01
    Range: -40 to +400 °F
    -40 to +204 °C
    Calibrated Accuracy:
    ±0.2 °F from 32 to 200 °F
    ±0.5 °F from 200 to 400 °F
    ±0.1 °C from 0 to 100 °C
    ±0.3 °C from 100 to 200 °C
    4 Point NIST Traceable Report of Test
    Long-term drift not to exceed 0.05%/year
    Meets API requirements

    Specifications subject to change

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