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TR-55i Optical Datalogger with IR Connectivity

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Our TR-5i Series data loggers are designed to measure and record temperature, voltage, 4-20mA, or pulse count. The body of the data loggers are water resistant and can be used in an environment of -40 °C to 80 °C. Moreover, battery-powered operation means the loggers can be placed anywhere without the need for AC power.

The data recorded by the loggers can be transferred to PC via separately sold "Communication Port TR-50U2" or "Data Collector TR-57DCi", whereby users can analyze the data and view in graph form.

Furthermore, our Data Collector TR-57DCi enables on-site data collection and viewing of data; no longer it is necessary to manually gather the data loggers.


TR-55i-TC TR-55i-Pt TR-55i-V TR-55i-mA TR-55i-P
Measurement Channels Temperature 1ch Temperature 1ch Voltage 1ch 4-20mA 1ch Pulse Count 1ch
Sensor Thermocouple: Type K, J, T, S Pt100, Pt1000
- - -
Measurement Units °C, °F °C, °F V, mV mA P
Measurement Range -199 to 1700 °C -199 to 600 °C 0 to 22 V 0 to 20 mA
up to 40 mA)
Input Signal:
¥ Non-voltage Contact Input
¥ Voltage Input (0 to 27 V)

Detection Voltage
Lo: 0.5 V or less
Hi: 2.5V or more
Input Impedance:
Approx. 100 KΩ pull up

Chattering Filter:
ON: 15 Hz or less
OFF: 3.5 kHz or less

Maximum Count
61,439 / Recording Interval
Accuracy(*1) Thermocouple Measurement
±0.3 °C + 0.3 % rdg[Type K, J, T]
±1 °C + 0.3 % rdg [Type S]

Cold Junction Compensation
±0.3 °C [10 to 40 °C]
±0.5 °C [-40 to 10 °C / 40 to 80 °C]
±0.3 °C + 0.3 % rdg [10 to 40 °C]
±0.5 °C + 0.3 % rdg [-40 to 10 °C / 40 to 80 °C]
±0.5 mV + 0.3 % rdg [10 to 40 °C]
±1 mV + 0.5 % rdg [-40 to 10 °C / 40 to 80 °C]
±0.05 mA + 0.3 % rdg [10 to 40 °C]
±0.1mA + 0.3 % rdg [-40 to 10 °C / 40 to 80 °C]
Note: The above temperatures [__ °C] are for the operating environment of the Input Module.
Type K, J, T :
0.1 °C
Type S :
Approx. 0.2 °C
0.1 °C up to 400mV: at 0.1mV,
up to 800mV: at 0.2mV,
up to 999mV: at 0.4mV,
up to 3.2V: at 1mV,
up to 6.5V: at 2mV,
up to 9.999V: at 4mV,
up to 22V: at 10mV
0.01 mA
Logging Capacity 16,000 readings
Recording Interval Select from 15 choices: 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 sec. or 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 60 min.
Recording Mode Endless (Overwrite oldest data when capacity is full)
or One Time (Stop recording when capacity is full)
LCD Display Items Measurements, Recording Status, Battery Life Warning, etc.
Optical Communication (proprietary protocol)
Infrared(IR) Communication (IrPHY 1.2 low power)
Power(*2) Lithium Battery (LS14250) x 1
Battery Life(*3) Approx. 14 months (10 months with IR Communication Enabled) Approx. 24 months (14 months with IR Communication Enabled) Approx. 16 months (11 months with IR Communication Enabled) Approx. 16 months (11 months with IR Communication Enabled) Approx. 16 to 24 months (11 to 18 months with IR Communication Enabled)
Dimensions H 62 mm x W 47 mm x D 19 mm
(excluding protrusions and Input Module)
Weight Approx. 55 g (including battery / excluding Input Module)
Operating Environment -40 to 80 °C
Waterproof Capacity(*4) IP64: Splash proof (rated for use in daily life) Note: Input Module is not water resistant.
Accessories Input Module
Input Module
Input Module
Input Module
Input Module
Lithium Battery (LS14250), Strap, User's Manual (Warranty Included)
Data Collection Devices Communication Port: TR-50U2, TR-50U
Data Collector: TR-57DCi
(*1) "rdg" stands for reading.
(*2) The included lithium battery (LS14250) is not sold in stores. Please purchase the optional battery set (TR-11P2) for replacement.
(*3) Battery life varies depending upon the ambient temperature in which it is used, the recording interval, the frequency of communication, and the battery performance. All estimates are based on operations carried out with a new battery and are in no way a guarantee of actual battery life. When the infrared communication function is enabled, battery life may be shortened further if the unit is used under the inverter type fluorescent lighting.
(*4) This is the waterproof capacity of the data logger with the Input Module connected.


Application Examples
DataLoggers examples
* For temperature management of refrigerated and frozen goods
* For temperature management when curing concrete
* Performance testing of thermal insulation coating
* For performance evaluation of air conditioning units
* For tracking food temperature during transport
* For temperature recording of switching equipment and transformers
DataLoggers examples
* For temperature recording of combustion furnaces and blast furnaces
* Recording measurements taken from various measuring instruments such as flow meters, pressure meters, power meters, and analyzers
* Recording and managing measurement signals from various devices and equipment
* For the measurement of output pulse

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