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TR-74Ui USB Connected Illuminance & UV Recorder - Tech Instrumentation

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TR-74Ui USB Connected Illuminance & UV Recorder

  • $299.00 USD

Illuminance UV Recorders

The TR-74Ui and TR-74Ui-H are data loggers which simultaneously measure and record four items: Luminescence, Ultraviolet Light (UV), Temperature and Humidity plus Cumulative Luminescence and Cumulative Ultraviolet Light in the LCD display.

The product is an all-in-one package that includes the data logger unit, sensors and software. Choose from packages with different temperature/humidity sensors depending on your required measurement range and accuracy needs.

Data can also be collected from data loggers via infrared communication to our TR-57DCi (optional, sold separately). 

Application Examples

  • Art museums to help prevent deterioration of exhibits
  • Plant and food production
  • Development, testing, manufacture and sales of products for cutting UV rays
  • UV reduction management in schools from kindergartens to universities
  • Management and adjustment of luminosity for photography and film
  • Management in the production, storage and sales of foodstuffs and beverages
  • Supermarkets, convenience stores and drugstores in UV product sales promotion materials
    Product TR-74Ui TR-74Ui-H
    Temperature/Humidity Sensor (External) THA-3151 HHA-3151(High-Precision Type)
    Thermistor Polymer Resistance Platinum Resistance Electrostatic Capacitance
    Measurement Channels Temperature Humidity 1ch Temperature Humidity 1ch
    Units of Measurement °C, °F %RH °C, °F %RH
    Measurement Range 0 to 55 °C 10 to 95 %RH -30 to 80 °C 0 to 99 %RH
    Accuracy ±0.5 °C ±5 %RH (at 25 °C, 50 %RH) ±0.3 °C (at 10 to 40 °C) ±0.5 °C (at all other temperatures) ±2.5 %RH(at 25 °C, 10 to 85 %RH) ±4.0 %RH(at 25 °C, 0 to 10 % or 85 to 99 %RH) At temperatures other than 25 °C and  0 °C, add ±0.1 %RH per degree of difference from 25. Humidity Hysteresis: ±1.5 %RH or lower(*1)
    Measurement Resolution 0.1 °C 1 %RH 0.1 °C 0.1 %RH
    Response Time (90%) Approx. 7 min. Approx. 7 min. Approx. 20 sec.
    Illuminance/UV Sensor (External) ISA-3151
    Measurement Channels Illuminance: 1ch
    UV intensity: 1ch
    Units of Measurement Illuminance: lx, Klx
    UV intensity: mW/cm2
    Measurement Range Illuminance: 0 lx to 130 Klx
    UV Intensity: 0 to 30 mW/cm2
    Units of Cumulative Measurement Cumulative Illuminance: lxh, Klxh, Mlxh
    Cumulative amount of UV Light: mW/cm2, W/cm2
    Display Range of Cumulative
    Illuminance: 0 lxh to 90 Mlxh
    UV Intensity: 0 mW to 62 W/cm2h
    Accuracy Illuminance: 10 lx to 100 Klx"¢__ ±5 % (at 25 °C, 50 %RH) UV Intensity: 0.1 to 30 mW/cm2"¢__ ±5 % (at 25 °C, 50 %RH) (*2)
    Relative Spectral Response Illuminance: Approximated to the CIE standard response function V (ÌÇÌö )
    UV Intensity: 260 to 400 nm
    Measurement Resolution Illuminance: Minimum of 0.01 lx
    UV Intensity: Minimum of 0.001 mW/cm2
    Response Time (90%) 3 sec. (at recording interval of 1 sec.)
    6 sec. (at other intervals)
    Logging Capacity 8,000 data sets (One data set consists of readings for all channels in that type of unit.)
    Recording Interval Select from 15 choices: 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 sec. or 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 60 min.
    Recording Mode (*3) Endless (Overwrite oldest data when capacity is full) or One Time (Stop recording when capacity is full)
    LCD Display Items Measurements, Battery Life Warning, etc.
    - Measurements: Illuminance / UV Intensity / Temperature / Humidity / Cumulative Illuminance / Cumulative amount of UV Light
    - Display Pattern: Alternating or Fixed display
    - Display Digits: Up to 4 digits
    Communication Interfaces USB Communication, Serial Communication (RS-232C) (*4), Infrared Communication (IrPHY 1.2 low power)
    Communication Time Downloading time for one unit at full capacity
    - Via USB communication: approx. 45 sec.
    - Via infrared communication: approx. 60 to 80 sec.
    Power AA Alkaline Battery x 1
    Battery Life (*5) Approx. 6 months
    Weight About 62 g (including battery, excluding sensor)
    Environment Temperature: -10 to 60 °C Humidity: 90 %RH or less (no condensation)
    Accessories AA alkaline battery, USB Cable, Illuminance/UV Sensor (ISA-3151), Temperature/Humidity Sensor (THA-3151 or HHA-3151), Software (CD-ROM), User's Manual Set (Warranty Included)
    • *1) When used in environments where temperature and humidity are over the values of 50 °C 75%, 60 °C 50%, 70 °C 35%, and 80 °C 25%, sensor hysteresis may fluctuate by values greater than ±1.5%RH. Under certain circumstances, it may take some time to return to normal measurement capability.
    • *2) Compared to the value measured by the T&D standard sensor for calibration under our calibration light source.
    • *3) Only "Endless" is available when using RTR-500W for Windows.
    • *4) If necessary, serial communication can be established by using our communication protocol (contact your local distributor) to write a software program. In such a case, an optional serial communication cable (TR-07C) is needed.
    • *5) Battery life varies depending upon the ambient temperature in which it is used, the recording interval, the frequency of communication, and the battery performance.
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