UV100 - 100 LED High Power UV Inspection Flashlight with Free UV Protective Glasses

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Easily find areas that are not being thoroughly cleaned in your restaurant, trailers,  restrooms, and any other areas where you need a clean environment with our model UV100 LED inspection light. Used extensively by restaurants, food production facilities, food transportation industries, the cold-chain pathway and homes, this powerful UV flashlight illuminates a large area to check for evidence of infestations, pet stains or unclean areas.  High intensity UV beam allows inspection even in reasonably brightly lit areas as well as large areas such as reefer trailer trucks.

Works great to discover vermin, rodent and insect infestations since waste left behind will luminesce when exposed to UV light.  Because of the high power of this UV flashlight, it works in well lit areas and even better in darker areas. Any stains will "glow" in light or dark areas with this Flashlight.

The tough aluminum body is lightweight and water resistant so it withstands damage from most drops and splashes.  

1 set of UV filtering safety glasses ($12.00 value) is included with each flashlight.  Additional glasses may be ordered when you add the UV light to your cart.  UV light, especially of this intensity can damage eyes.  Do not shine towards faces - human or animal.  Filtration glasses are included to protect your eyes in case light is accidentally shined in eyes.

Model No. UV100
Material  Aluminum
Color Black
Size  79*190mm
Weight  213g
LED source  100 UV LEDs 
Battery  6 AA batteries (not included)
Battery Life  >12 hours continuous use
LED Light Life  ~100,000 hours
Switch  On/Off
Certification  CE, ROHS
Warranty  1 year

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