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WBT700 Cooking Thermometer with wireless remote pager. - Tech Instrumentation

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WBT700 Cooking Thermometer with wireless remote pager.

  • $29.00 USD

Cooking Thermometer with wireless remote pager.

 Just set the desired temperature for your food (or select Rare, Medium Rare, Medium or Well Done, then place the probe in the food and walk away! Monitors the temperature of the food in the oven or on the grill and pages you when it's done. Use the remote pager to view the temperature while the food is cooking.

  • Compact Wireless Pager with remote temperature monitoring
  • Cook Temp and Set Temp at a glance
  • Timer Function in Main Unit and Pager
  • Stainless Steel Probe with 3ft Cable
  • Power Source 2 pc AAA (Main unit)
  • Power Source 2 pc AAA (Remote unit)

*Special Comments
This product has been used with excellent results by many thousands of customers but there are a couple of points that must be remembered in order to provide you with the best experience. The first caution is that the probe tip and wire are rated for a maximum temperature of 392 degrees. This means that the probe will be damaged if the tip or cord are exposed to open flames, direct contact with heating elements, very hot ovens or BBQ's etc

 The cord is designed to allow an oven door to close on it without damage, but if there is an extremely sharp bend in the cord (certain BBQ lids for instance can do this), the cord can be damaged. When cleaning the probe, don't allow water to flow down inside of the probe tube or plug as the readings will be inaccurate until it dries out. It should only be cleaned with a damp, soapy cloth. Wiping it down with alcohol is fine too when you want to sterilize it Just be sure to allow the alcohol to dry before use in foods again. While failure to follow these simple precautions may void your warranty, following these few reasonable precautions will provide you with years of perfectly cooked foods!

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